Sparrow (ex_ethereal) wrote in assholetothemax,

a.] Name: Vanessa
b.] Location: New Olreans, Louisiana
c.] Sex: female
d.] Sexual Prefrence (Yes there is a difference!):i prefer males, for i am straight.
e.] Age: 17

002. 5 Pet Peeves: bad spelling, ignorance, reluctance to simple tasks, annoyance(like really preppy people and white thugs), & hypercrits(though i may be one at single moments).
003. 10 Favorite Bands: Incubus, Korn, AFI, Powerman5000, Modest Mouse, A Perfect Circle, Nirvana, Smile Empty Soul, Better than Ezra, & Taproot.
004. 5 Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange, The Butterfly Effect, Requiem for a Dream & The Dark Crystal.

005. [Your Thoughts On:]
a.] Sex: Only do it if you will accept the consequenses, and only if you're ready(age wise, maturity), but i dont really care about what others do because i am pro-choice.
b.] Drugs: Again, i am pro-choice, but i myself don't do anything...well, except a pot brownie.
c.] Rock N Roll: It's awesome...what else is there to say?

006. Last, but definitely not least write a good three or more sentences about yourself.    I am an awesome person, though I do not have much of an ego(except gor online, as you may see). I'm a very good artist, especially with pencils. I am a very good poet, my poems are very descriptive and express large messages. I am very fun and a very uniquely weird individual...yea, that does sound a bit corny-I'M A RIP YOUR PANTS!

Post a picture of either yourself, or something that is definitely controversial.
No picks of me at the moment, so heres a brain. Lets converse over its outrageous power!

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