__we_walk_alone (__we_walk_alone) wrote in assholetothemax,

001. Basics

a.] Name dave
b.] Location massachusetts
c.] Sex dood
d.] Sexual Prefrence (Yes there is a difference!) chicks
e.] Age 18

002. 5 Pet Peeves computer nerds, people that leave thier blinker on when driving, people that say stupid things, people that cant speak english, people that ask retarded questions that they already know the answer to
003. 10 Favorite Bands AWK, anterrabe, etid, hopecon, ten yard fight, locust, AN, bane, evergreen terace, terror
004. 5 Favorite Movies ghostbusters, caddy shack, ladies man, biodome, mallrats
005. [Your Thoughts On:]

a.] Sex i enjoy it
b.] Drugs not for me
c.] Rock N Roll i enjoy it

006. Last, but definitely not least write a good three or more sentences about yourself. dood guy, fuck you, 3 sentances is to much to write. ive already been accepted into this.
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