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001. Basics

a.] Name...renee
b.] Location...memphis. home of shitty ass elvis
c.] Sex...female
d.] Sexual Prefrence (Yes there is a difference!)...straight
e.] Age...17

002. 5 Pet Peeves...1>people who dont drive like me2>when someone says let me AXE you sumin'3>stupid barking poodles4>when i have to pee and there's not a toilet near or i dont have any toilet paper5>reality tv
003. 10 Favorite Bands...1>denali2>coheed & cambria3>S.T.U.N.4>taking back sunday5>vaux6>every time i die7>hellogoodbye8>ani difranco9>sage francis10>the fairwell
004. 5 Favorite Movies 1>thirteen2>wonderland3>but ima cheerleader4>sleepaway camp5>haggard
005. [Your Thoughts On:]

a.] Sex...have fun with everyone.
b.] Drugs...just do it, its somethin' to tell the grandkids about
c.] Rock N Roll...too many sectors of rock these days.

006. Last, but definitely not least write a good three or more sentences about yourself.

I dwell on the past, even though I say I don't. I let others' fortunes drown out mine. I tend to think that nothing good will ever happen to me when it does all the time. I make myself vulnerable to vulnerability. I say I can't more than I can. I think things that make you stronger only make you weaker. People don't learn from anything they have accomplished, only from things they have failed from. Most people learn from their mistakes, not their achievements. Life's lessons are never written down. No one has ever written a book about them, because everyone learns different ones. Some people never have to learn a lesson. I wish I was one of those people. I am not though, and I never will be, only because I have already learned a few lessons. I wish more than I do. I dream more than I face reality. I think I can do more in my dreams than I could ever attempt in my real life. Some people think they can, others know they can't, I don't even try. Maybe one day I will learn, but that's not now. I have a hard time listening to what others say only because I am strong willed. If everyone knew what to do, television would suck. We would lose all of our reality shows. For some reason I am a lot more creative than others. I can come up with over 50 uses for those little plastic cups (and lids) our cheese comes in, in the salad lines in the cafeteria, yet I can't come up with the answers to last night's homework. I am short, but my temper is shorter, and my attention span is even shorter than that. I talk more to people than I listen. I really don't care what they have to say. I am more important. I was raised to be caring, but that brain cell got smoked along with the last joint I smoked. My train of thought changes faster than I can talk about it. I have the ability to wear a pair of underwear as long as they will last (not taking them off) and not care. I also have the ability to refrain from showering until I die. I am more considerate though. I only cave in when my feelings return once a week. I seem to check in and out of reality. Often, you can find me laughing at a joke I just told myself. My favorite joke has only 10 words, and that's including the response. I forget things more than I can remember. I lose more things that I can find. I don't really think about things. They just stroll into my mind. On occasion, I will contemplate something though, only if it intrigues me. If I don't know how to spell something, I will usually put the abbreviation. I don't like dictionaries. They contain too many words. If you want to know something about me, then ask it. I don't have the time to try and explain myself to everyone. I am who I am. And I like it that way. I have never experienced a moment of normality in my life. I hang out with all the wrong friends for all the right reasons, and I hang out with all the right friends for all the wrong reasons. I feel things touch me, but nothing is ever there. I am smarter than I should be. I play solitaire in a lazy way. I just learned how to play spades, but I like hearts more only because I understand it better. I say I like change when it really scares me, but I like that feeling.

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