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the Ace of Spades Challenge

what's the Ace of Spades Challenge? I hear you all say-

it's very simple. all the challenge entails is that you and your friends and an array of un/willing accomplices see how many times you can listen to the Ace of Spades, by Motorhead, on repeat.

it's a fun way to freak out all the cool kids at clubs. hell, it's a fun way to scare away all your friends. not to mention getting on the nerves of an entire student body.

here's how we did it:

-take a dj slot on college radio (mondays, 2pm).
-take a cd copy of the Ace of Spades.
-publicize your event (posters and word-of mouth will do. so will holding people's pets to ransom, but I must advise you only do this in the most extreme circumstances)
-inflict the Ace of Spades Challenge upon hundreds of 16-19 students on their lunch breaks.

sarcasticmuffin and I tried this last week, but unfortunately the Reception desk has a killswitch.

just a rough idea, because I don't have a scanner

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